1000tracks.net: The history

1000tracks.net: The history

This website was started in 2010 as a part of my MA thesis during my second year at SAE Institute. My task was to overview several existing solutions for online music collaboration and build my own mini-portal, www.1000tracks.net, a virtual (net-based) studio for musicians and artists. Oh, and to write a research report about it.

The academic path was not easy, but it was great fun that I had building this website and collaborating with my friends — most of them came over from another online studio to help me with the practical part of my thesis (i.e. music making as well as testing of the studio.1000tracks.net) — that mattered so much. I would like to thank people who helped me during the research, particularly the Alpha Lyrae team of musicians that included John (studioman), Dom (littledomi75), Bruno (Daezorganizd), Bill (vectorstation2), and Rootsofmind (whose real name is unknown to me, but his drums part recorded for Alpha Lyrae composition is my personal favourite). Thanks for the great time, guyz!

And, of course, I want to express my highest gratitude and appreciation to my Academic Advisor, Dr John Reynolds.

Last but not least, my thank you goes to my late father, Boris Stepanov, who encouraged me doing this research. Without his support I would not have made such a progress in my studies. Thanks, dad.

My thesis titled "The Net-based Studio: An analysis of the potential for international collaborative music production" was finished in August 2011.

I graduated from SAE in 2011 with a MA degree in Creative Media Practice and had plans for further research on a higher academic level. But first I wanted to finish and release my Runology CD — that task was long overdue. Accomplishing it required mostly offline work, as the tracks were lost (and then found) in my archives, unreleased and unfinished, but they did not require collaboration with other musicians — just time and patience to locate the original audio & MIDI data made with obsolete software and some vintage hardware, align them, edit and create final mixes.

I released the Runology CD in the summer of 2012. Right after that I discovered that most virtual/online studios I was going to explore further were already closed, among them esession.com with its Virtual Glass plugin. That meant changing my plans, i.e. adjusting my ways of working to the new reality and postponing the previously planned research. In fact, the very subject of the research became blurred, since the solutions that recently looked so promising just ceased to exist.

At some point I moved music collaboration tracks to the Wired server which I run on my home computer. For those of you who want to participate, there are more details here. (Please note that www.digitalmusician.net was recently closed, too, so now it is either my Wired server or a website like bandlab.com for us to work remotely on a track).

In 2017 the 1000tracks.net website was hacked and taken offline for more than a year. I took my time to make it online again, being very busy with my research, music, and real life issues.

Now the website is up and running again after a long break, and I am using it as a virtual 'loft' to showcase some finished works as well as inform people about works in progress. The actual works are hosted on another platform for safety and cannot be accessed via the web interface any longer. You will need to install specific apps on your device or computer (or both) to get access to the actual files. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more and join my project(s).

P.S. If you are interested in reading my SAE MA thesis, you can view/download it from academia.edu: https://independent.academia.edu/1000tracks.

Elena Stepanova (aka 1000tracks/etherstrings).

(Updated 12.19.2019)