[etherstrings] [✍] Digitalmusician.net closes on June 30, 2018

This is sad news, though actually you could see it coming.

In 2009-2011 when I was writing my Master's thesis at the SAE Institute, there were five (or even more) online collaboration portals for musicians, digitalmusician.net one of them, also esessions.com and Virtual Glass. My thesis was dedicated to online music collaboration so I had to review all of them and choose the most suitable one for my final project.

I chose digitalmusician.net. We had fun, my musical partners and I, and even when the project crashed, Karl Steinberg (who was behind the DMN) helped us personally to restore it and make sure everything ran smoothly from that moment on. Both esession.com and Virtual Glass closed the year I graduated from SAE, it was foreseeable because these services were payment-oriented. On the other hand, digitalmusician.net was free and managed to survive until now. It was started around 2006 — I still remember clicking on an ad at harmony-central.com to go and register there and start a project.

All things must pass, I know, but still, I am sad. :-(